Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sundays With Work

I am sitting here, typing this on my phone, at work. 

My daughter is at my parents' house and was yesterday as well after being informed "no it's not a dad weekend" after asking because of reasons she will unfortunately understand sooner than later.....if not already.

The nurse in the other room is having "the talk" again with a family who won't let someone who will not get better go. I am medically taking care of this person today and it is not a good situation from a medical standpoint. 

A little more than once a month, this is my Sunday. I also just talked with a friend who had to leave their family today for work out of state. This posed to me the question: In today's modern world, how do we stay well when demands of work encroach on our family, spiritual, or personal time? 

Like I told my friend, I wish I had an out so that we could just say "no, my family comes first" or "no, my spiritual life comes first," or even "no, my mental well being comes first," but in today's world sometimes we just can't. So we have to find our own ways during those times:

Find 5 minutes. Find just five quiet minutes (alone if you can) to just breathe, decompress, be silent, be spiritual, whatever you need. Repeat if you can as needed.

Take a caffeine break, I mean take a break from the caffeine.  I LOVE coffee and work in a hospital, however, some hot lemon water can do some major good to your body. Smell it, taste it, let it warm you up - it's also a nice change up from the old bean. 

If you have to be away from family, make sure they text, send pictures, call, etc. I know the first initial smile it puts on your may be followed by that twinge of pain, longing, or guilt that you can't be there in real time - but you still get that first smile and it's good for them to stay in touch too - especially the kids. 

Social media - keep tweets, posts, pics positive. Now don't go overboard "working 50 hours a week is great" or "having a great time away in this 4 hour training," just be careful because it affects your mood (sadly enough). Or if you need to, take a break - sometimes the envy of reading what all your "free friends" are doing can make you look down on your own situation. Remember, no one is all roses.

Move. Even 10 jumping jacks, squats, or crunches can boost your energy, your mood, and fill in the time gaps. Even in an airport or the creepy hospital stairwell - who cares who sees, an added bonus of a show! 

Most important - 30 second dance party to whatever grooves you while remembering, somehow you CAN change your situation. Even one small step can help you change your stars.

Until we can change our "working to live" into more of a "live, laugh, love" lifestyle (and we can if we have faith that we can), set limits, adjust yourself to the situation, and take a minute to breathe.