Wednesday, May 29, 2013

"Me" Time

Memorial Day weekend - for most a glorious 3 days of no work, lots of play, family and friends, really good food - and lots of leftovers if you are brave enough (or your parents were ;)) to hold it at your own home. For me this meant work, work, and one more day of work. Though it also means that today - a Wednesday - I am not working and it is a scheduled day for the kiddo to go to daycare per I am usually working. As I shared the above schedule for the day (child in daycare, no work) my folks said "oh it's like a vacation" and "you deserve a day off" forgive me as I cannot explain the tone but my head wanted to turn around exorcist style and spew something nasty, yet I did not. So I decided to try and make it a me day - details on the "trying" part of that below.

So after I dropped off the kiddo at daycare, grabbed milk for the out of milk household - in which I actually only use the cow's milk for cooking/baking...seriously it's like all the work of being married without actually being married or any of the good perks....and went back to bed. Back to bed was step one of my me day, there was no trying needed here. It was tough to get out of bed though, but I did, looking forward to a homemade mini brunch so I forced myself into the shower. Here is where the trying began, as in the shower floods of "needs to get done today" thoughts flew into my head - I shoved them out as best as possible, though laundry is still on the back burner of my mind.

I got dressed and made it upstairs, went to go make my wonderful egg white sandwich and boom - no eggs. So I searched for a substitute - turkey, provolone, and Roma tomatoes should do - I debated cleaning out the fridge "no I told myself" the hunger helped egg me on - no pun intended. So I ate, looked a little at Facebook, and enjoyed my meal. Then I came to blog, lol. This really is a me thing though - I could care less if you actually read it, OK I care but you know what I mean.

As I was enjoying my satisfied belly and blogging, my father came up to tell me he was going out, where he was going, asking my plans for the day, suggesting a pre-check for the possible afternoon swimming - and I wanted to bang my head against the table....repeatedly. OMG do not live with your folks as an adult especially if trying to raise a child - anywho he left, so that means the house is empty and I can enjoy my attempt at a "me" day. I may post later to let you know how it all turned out :)

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Suburban Defintions and Clarifications

Today's post is inspired by yet another Facebook post in which many debated over the comments section of said post. If you knew me, where I grew up, my self-instilled values - you would understand that I do not judge the Suburbia that I live in or the people that have settled here, nor is that the purpose of my blog.

Let us start with the basics:

Suburb: a smaller community adjacent to or within commuting distance of a city

I am fine with this, I live in a metro area and have a child, no city apartments please.

Suburbanite: a resident of a suburb

Transplanted, but yes I guess I am - below is a deeper explanation.

Urban Dictionary definitions of suburbanite:

Pretending that they have lots of money, but are actually broke after spending it all trying to impress people with their McMansions, SUVs, etc.

Not me folks - I live with my parents in Suburbia in a McMansion that I did not agree with the purchase of (nor in the future am looking forward to getting rid of) and I do own a very modest almost 10 year-old paid off SUV. I am however surrounded by the above - this is what I do not like about society in general, the sacrifice for that ideal. You lose family time, money, me time, peace time, money to those who need a dwelling in general be it a tent even...I could go on and on.

Love of shitty chain "restaurants" such as Applebee's, Chili's, The Olive Garden, IHOP, etc.

I do love an Olive Garden salad and soup meal - because it is under $8 and unlimited...hello; I do meet at a chain for "girls night" only because they are the only decent things around, deal on the cheap, have drink specials, and we sit in awe at ourselves out of body realizing that we are old and are talking about what school our kids are going to go to before finishing half of said drink and getting into the wow our families are a little wacky and remember the college and/or pre-kid days. We also give each other "yes that is totally normal, thank God I am not the only one who thinks like that" monthly mental check-ups.

Lacking in social skills and intelligence, due to their refusal to interact with anyone other than their elementary/middle school classmates from 15-20 years ago.

Surprisingly, the suburbanites I have come across - well a handful I guess - are very intelligent, not lacking in social skills, and are transplanted just as I am. Now, have I become accustom to the classic hand wave as a car with dark windows you assume is a neighbor drive by, sadly yes though I do side-eye myself more often than not during this wave.

So my point, the people and events I speak about in my blog are generally the ones falling in the first Urban dictionary category who are afraid to let the true colors show - until they have a drink or two at the culd-a-sac party after the food has been eaten and the kids are off around the neighborhood. The folks that you only know exist because of the aforementioned car wave but never exit their house, the ones that have lost the true meaning of what it means to own a home and I do not mean mowing the lawn, the walking dead.

I hope you get me now to some degree and why this blog is meant to exist: to debunk the childhood myth that I was "rich" because we rented (rent being the operative word) out the one house in the neighborhood with pillars that were rotted out and could be kicked from their stands and needed a bad paint job.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Generation Gaps

As I was out eating dinner with my parents - at the Texas Roadhouse early bird special, toddler in tow - and we were having conversations ultimately leading to religion, I came to wonder where do the generation gaps actually fall?

Obviously there is between me and my parents - I think we can all say that - it is amazing to me what I deem important in life: water, healthy eating/living, raising a child with ethics and emotion and patience, saving for the immediate future as well as long term for living purposes only and what their generation deems important: mainly instant gratification, somewhat half serious approach to retirement living, work as in the actually place you work at not what you do, and of course the news. Even taking stock of the above I found my father who is 6 years younger than my mother has different views than her, yet different than myself as far as generational thinking goes. This thought became even more apparent as my mom went through the DVR to watch "my friend" as she put it Kacey Musgraves perform and I was making "I don't get it!" comments about Taylor Swift; my mother was not impressed by the song "my friend" performed as it told actual truths.

Then there was the toddler, amazed at the big animals on the walls, country music, and the rolls. She did take a slight interest in the Red-sox/White-sox game on TV and mommy tried to explain how you cannot route for both Chicago teams and in this series you would actually route for the White-sox because when you are older and the Cubs have still not won a World Series you will understand our angst that Boston broke their long chain before we did.

Back to my point, I find that even my siblings and people a few years younger have the TMNT v Ghostbusters (it was a movie before a cartoon people) v Thundercats cartoon generation gap - hey it is the small things that point us to change at times. I did find on the car ride home, however, that we all contribute to eachothers' times as my toddler repeated after me "yada, yada, yada."


Monday, May 20, 2013


Don't. Ha - sorry, after my last and most very recent experience this is how I feel about the subject. I am all for dating, however, after my past few experiences I feel good to take a break.

I tried online dating, yes you read that right, but as we all say when we sign up - "how else are you supposed to meet people outside of work at this age?" So it began, many (by many I say half a dozen or so) failed first date attempts, these actual dates do not count the numerous texts/messages from people I thought I may be interested in meeting, which do not count the higher volume of messages and winks both sent and received while trying to make a connection. Now add all of the above to any money spent on a site plus time put it - and you get a lot of wasted time and money - or so it feels.

This last one did go from 0-crazy in 60 seconds, still trying to shake this particular fish in the sea without having to contact anybody in a uniform. It was the sad result of infatuation plus hope plus attraction, so did it suck a little to say to myself I think this guy is borderline insane unfortunately after said infatuation? Yes. Was I relieved to not be tethered to my phone while also trying to live my life? Yes. And though quite over the top/excessive contact from said person over the past almost 48 hours AFTER the "please do not contact me again," holy cow this is person is crazy and you were right to run when you did reality hit - was I relieved it wasn't just me? Heck to the yes!

So be wary my friends, don't be scared, but be wary when you go about dating for the first, second, or third time after a big/long relationship - make sure you are not only ready but have a good head about your shoulders as well. And if you have kids and you find yourself texting while strolling more than once or twice in a week - re-examine your thoughts. It feels good to be wanted, but as a parent you already are and if you want (not need) badly enough - God will provide in his own way and time, after the kids are in bed.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Garage Sale

It is inevitable that in most neighborhoods you have garage sales starting in the spring, for others' to clean our their stuff, you to clean out yours, etc. However, enter the land of Suburbia, and you have a totally different picture of this: community sales, friends/neighbors who want to go in together for a garage sale (this I am perfectly fine with), the reminder mailings of the upcoming (upcoming meaning in over a month) community sales, falling upon the topic of community sales in a random mom's brunch conversation - of course which leads you to find out your community has a Facebook page that could have random comments/pictures of you or your kids, and of course Facebook posts advertising such garage sales. Whatever happened to the darn "Sale today" sign and balloons if you feel a little crazy!

So of course, I am going in with a friend and her garage sale - which I actually don't mind at all - as my folks would take forever to get their stuff ready so it's good they got their reminder mailing this past week!

It is really bittersweet because both my friend and I are getting rid of a lot of baby stuff. We both have girls. Our girls will in fact be in the same class together at a parochial school. We may also both be one and done. This is the hard part - here I have made it through almost 2 years of motherhood which is a huge feat and as hard as it has been, it is equally has hard as knowing I may not get to do that part, those ages, ever again.

So as part of my lovely, sweet, and twisted way of thinking - I figure watching Walking Dead while doing it will make it seem not so hard :)